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Shipping/Pickup: at many local warehouses in the united States. It is quick and easy; just call our number we set up the order then you can pickup the same day. FREE SHIPPING on orders $100 or more,if less than $100 then $8.50 shipping only applies to online/catalog retail orders ( shipping to continental US ).. The $100 threshold does not include taxes, fees, other charges , clothing or promotional materials. Please call txt 860 436 7034 for specifics.

Amsoil has Canadian preferred customer pricing (click Free Catalog ) and all product ships from our Amsoil Toronto and Amsoil Edmonton warehouses. Please call 800 692 7109 or call/txt 8604367034 for delivery/pickup from our Canadian Warehouses. note: our delivered price from Toronto or Edmonton is unbeatable


AMSOIL is about no compromises. Here are 3 different 5w20 oils. You can read how you choose or call SANTANA call/txt 860 436 7034 anytime. There are tables and graphs lower down on this page if you would like to study them. Thank you for looking

OEM We call this OEM.  Synthetic 5w20 motor oil designed for those that 
		want to Use OEM synthetic 5W20 for these specifications:
ILSAC GF-5, GF-4...
GM 6094M
Ford WSS-M2C930-A
Chrysler MS-6395N

We call this Lube XLM. XLM is a synthetic 5w20  We have added some additives so you can move up to 10,000 mile oil change ,and be well protected. You must use a nano fiberoil oil filter or change your regular oil filter as directed in you manual.

alternate txtWe call this XLM Extended mileage Use 5W20 XLM for these specifications:
ILSAC GF-5, GF-4...
ACEA A1/B1 GM 6094M
Ford WSS-M2C930-A
Chrysler MS-6395N

 We call this lube ASM. ASM is a synthetic 0W20 designed for 25,000mi oil changes. We have added more additives to a more robust base so you can move up to a 25,000 mi oil change. It is designed to give you less starting friction and better gas mileage.  You must use it with a NanoFiber oil filter or change your regular oil filter at the directed intervals. Since the NanoFiber oil filter is rated for 25,000 mi also you get the most bang for your buck with this combination.

alternate txt Once a Year Oil Changes
We call this ASM 100% Amsoil synthetic 0w20 .
		Lowest friction means great Gas mileage,  if you want better gas mileage this is it.  
		This is the slipperiest product we make (Lowest 4 ball wear number).
		 If you want ASTM technical wear data or best pricing call me Good for 25,000 mi 800 692 7109. Same day warehouse pickup and quick ship.Use ASM synthetic 0W20 for these specifications:
ILSAC GF-4, GF-3..
Chrysler MS-6395N

preferred CUSTOMER TRIAL MEMBERSHIP ! please contact me for a 6mo trial membership with your first order of at least 4 quarts and one filter. You must contact me by email Or call call/txt 860 436 7034. I must put in your order by telephone. Offer is valid while this is on display and only if you place your order as stated an take delivery. I am doing this because I am so confident that you will love the results from this oil and will continue using it in the future

To find product for you vehicles now click to link to theapplication guide application guide (filters and fluids capacities are listed also) just start with the year of your vehicle. Questions please call me (Santana ) call/txt 860 436 7034 If you know your product code ( the three letters )Click the price button next to it, then add to cart. Add prefered customer to cart and get instant savings of 25% -35%. All sizes are available quarts to 55 gallon drums. Local pickup is available at many US locations and several Canadian locations. You can call me for the location nearest to you. I would be glad to give you a quote over the phone or walk you through all the options.

To read a more detailed write up please go here

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